Dragon Soul cleared !

After we have been told in this expansion that Deathwing wants to destroy the world for the most of the time and how powerfull he is at the end of the day he’s really easy compared to other end tier previous bosses.The whole raid is a lot easier than previous content but I guess in previous content we lacked the heroic gear to make the difference.The fight is definetly new and the idea behind it is pretty good but i still wanted to actually have a tank “tank” Deathwing, this way seems more like we talked the whole expansion about him and he did not much actually.Now the real content starts and the race for heroic kills even tho if normal content was so easy I wonder how big of a difference will the heroics be.



So since we have a lot of free time on our hands now we decided to do some achievements and old heroic bosses so we can get our cool mounts and afk in Orgrimmar with them like all the cool kids are.




Bethi’ilac is dead.

Almost forgot to post this but yeah, we killed her also for quite a while now and only thing that remains now is to kill raggy HM and do glory of cata raider + firelands raider.Waiting for 4.3 to see what nerfs are gonna come 3 months into the raiding tier ^_^.


So after the nerf  Baleroc is pretty much a push over, no more  dps requirement no more crystal handling with not even mistake, no more ” DON”T TOUCH ME BRAH”. Just hug on countdown, doesn’t matter if you touch or not no one cares if they’re tormented and smash your rotation.Thanks blizzard for them purples, might aswell just rain with purples when we enter firelands instead of wasting 2 hours of trash clearing and 1 of boss killing.



Alysrazor bites the dust

Nerfbat hit Alysrazor hard I must say.2 ppl dead and we still managed to kill it.Also you can run faster than tornados can so I see no point in there being a tornados phase, but hey we still had ppl die on them.